Making the Switch is Easy

Valley Business Bank offers a "Switch Kit" to assist you in switching your old account to your new account here with us! Just follow these simple steps and begin to experience banking as it should be, with Valley Business Bank! Our friendly Business Banking Officers and Customer Service Managers are here and ready to assist you!

First of all, we will find the perfect account and services for you. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, we know your time is important and will make sure to find your match!

Just follow these steps and begin to experience banking, the Valley Business Bank way:
  1. Open a Valley Business Bank Account. Our Financial Service Representatives will help you choose the best account to meet your needs.

  2. Stop using your old checking account.  Please remember not to close it until your automatic payments and direct deposits have been switched to your new Valley Business Bank account. Also, balance your checkbook to make sure that all of your checks have cleared.

  3. Switch your direct deposits. Your employer, Social Security Administration, or other depositors generally need a notification to switch their direct deposit to your new account. Use our "Direct Deposit Change Form" to let them know.

  4. Switch your automatic payments. Think about each of your payments that are made, which may include your utility bills, membership dues, or mortgage payments. Each company requires that they be notified of the account switch. You can use our "Automatic Payments Form" to let them know. Once those automatic payments are cancelled, take advantage of our complimentary online banking and bill payment service. Take a look at our "Automatic Payment Examples" for payments that you may wish to switch.

  5. Pull the Switch! Once all your checks have cleared and your automatic payments and direct deposits have been switched, you can close your old checking account. Valley Business Bank can provide you with the "Request to Close Account Form" to advise your old bank. Please be aware of the minimum balance requirement your former bank requires in order to avoid a service charge pending the final closure of your account.  Should you receive a minimum monthly service charge on the account during the closing process, we will reimburse you for that fee.

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